TeleHealth Services

Co-Founders – Susan Ferrier, Barbara Travis and Suzi Coleman (2009)

The Connecting to Care TeleHealth Service Center brings the patient, family, physician specialist and support staff together in a “virtual” clinic using HIPPA compliant, advanced camera and video technology.

The physician specialist performs the same assessment as would be accomplished during a regular patient encounter. The TeleHealth encounter typically involves a team of physician specialists who provide diagnosis and document recommended treatment interventions. Initial assessments take up to an hour and follow-up visits take up to 30 minutes to complete. Connecting to Care facilitates all aspects of case management necessary to achieve medical stabilization and continuity of care.

TeleHealth provides a more efficient and less time consuming method of accessing care, eliminating the need for patients to travel long distances to obtain necessary specialty services. This model can be expanded to connect multiple sites where clinicians and caregivers are involved in a particular case.

Integrated Services

We are very excited about the positive results we are observing in the population we serve. Our data clearly indicates that when we provide an integrated approach we are optimizing outcomes; Strengthening the individual as a whole person, providing Telepsychiatry for medication stabilization, using Assistive Technology to increase communication and applying Behavioral Services and interventions for mental health. CtoC integrated services have successfully reduced the amount of medications prescribed for the clients we serve.

TeleHealth has a significant role in the global future of mental health care and has without a doubt provided an open door to services that would otherwise be unavailable to many individuals in underserved rural communities.